The first point of human interaction in the current operational system is in the task of finishing of shotgun sequence. After assembly of shotgun sequence fragments, gaps or regions of low quality sequence may remain. The application Consed, which is embedded in the task "ASSEMBLE_X" will generate a set of new primers for additional rounds of sequencing. These primer designes are placed on the Web where oligonucleotide synthesis personnel can access them. This web site is designed to be accessed only by authorized people (both password and client network address will be used for authorization). Click here to access a demonstration primer design page.

The next point of human interaction comes when Consed can no longer suggest any new primers. At this point it is necessary for a person to interactively run Consed to manually edit the sequence. A "worklist" will be available on the web (once again security measures will be implemented). By going to this worklist and clicking on a sequence, Consed will open up in the directory where the sequence is found. Click here to see a worklist for Consed. Click on the cosmid and a screenshot of Consed will appear.

Submission of sequences to GenBank is done via Sequin. There is a worklist for the person submitting sequences accessible from the web. As with Consed, clicking on a sequence name will bring up Sequin. Click here for a demonstration.